More industry experts join the ranks of DBI management, as the third quarter of 2018 phases in. The three new executives, Teresita Madrigal for Finance, Emmanuel Mesoga for Recruitment and Onboarding, and Jasmine Lamis for Human Resources, received a warm welcome from the whole DBI team and seem all revved up to assume their vital roles and responsibilities. As a data company with steady growth over the past five years, DBI continuously pools specialists with core competencies that contribute to the firm’s expansion and development.

The newly integrated managers are expected to help strengthen existing systems and processes in the company’s operations. Mr. Mesoga believes that his role as the new staffing chief is to ensure consistent implementation and practice of recruitment and onboarding processes certified by domestic and international regulatory standards. DBI has had significant achievements in expanding the workforce during the first three quarters of 2018.

At the same time, HR Manager in Employee Services, Jasmine Lamis will complement this effort and see to it that hardworking employees receive efficient and prompt services. Senior Manager for Finance, Ms. Madrigal, will ensure strict compliance of financial and accounting reports to accuracy and timeliness. These and more specified roles in the management aim for enhanced output that will benefit stakeholders, clients, and the employees.

Economic growth in business data generation brings forth new challenges and opens doors to greater possibilities. The new managers look forward to personal growth as well with their engagement in this industry. They have set sights on DBI, its stability, resilience, and adherence to quality standards and regulations.

DBI ensures that its leadership is filled with the specialists needed to keep up with the current and forthcoming trends in the data business. 2018 has been a favorable year for integrating more positions that will surely strengthen the DBI leadership and the rest of the organization.

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