DBI Lends a Hand to the Poor Elderly

Anawim Lay Missions Foundation Inc. recently presented Datablazers Inc. a Certificate of Recognition for the generous support provided to uphold the cause of the abandoned and neglected Filipino elderly.  Anawim received the highest votes from DBI clients’ chosen charity for the 2018 DBI Give Back Promo. Every year-end of the last four years, DBI has organised activities dedicated to worthy causes. This is in part of our commitment to uphold corporate social responsibility and a chance for us to spread kindness by sharing our humble gifts. DBI is honoured to help charitable institutions…continue reading →

New Managers Strengthen DBI Leadership

More industry experts join the ranks of DBI management, as the third quarter of 2018 phases in. The three new executives, Teresita Madrigal for Finance, Emmanuel Mesoga for Recruitment and Onboarding, and Jasmine Lamis for Human Resources, received a warm welcome from the whole DBI team and seem all revved up to assume their vital roles and responsibilities. As a data company with steady growth over the past five years, DBI continuously pools specialists with core competencies that contribute to the firm’s expansion and development. The newly integrated managers are expected to help…continue reading →

Quality, Compliant, Reliable, Consistent – the DBI way

Succeed in your summer sales targets with the best business and consumer data. Datablazers is here to help you reach your goals. We optimize our business processes to ensure generation of qualified leads. Our marketing-questionnaire agents and the rest of the personnel work round-the-clock to verify databases and make sure that we provide fresh lead lists. Business addresses, phone numbers, and URLs constantly change, and so, it is important to validate information regularly. With DBI leads, reduce the risks of purchasing poor data containing high proportions of out-dated contact information and inaccurate addresses.…continue reading →

DBI Supports Work-Life Balance

Jim Ezpeleta, DBI’s Compliance and Audit Supervisor, believes that time spent on one’s career does not hinder the pursuit of creative interests. He has proved efficiency in doing his job for the past two years and has never encountered any complaints in the audit of voice files.  At the recent Genfest held at the World Trade Center in Manila from July 6 to 8, Jim performed as one of the talents on stage together with other young people from different countries.  The Youth for a United World (Y4UW) from Focolare movement organises the…continue reading →

Recent Market Statistics in UK’s Subscription TV Services

  The average television viewing time for traditional TV and smart TV owners in the UK is 3 hours and 40 minutes a day on weekdays and nearly 5 hours a day during weekends. Market survey shows around 28 percent of UK households owning smart TV sets in 2016. Most UK television viewers seem to have the best access to advanced technology among European viewers according to the Office of the Commissioner (OfCom). Viewers catch up on their favourite shows using various TV gadgets. In December 2015, free-to-air catch-up services was said to…continue reading →

Latest Innovation Facilitates Solar Energy Sharing Among UK Neighbourhoods

Recent development in solar technology enables small communities to share generated energy.  Mahmoud Dhimish, an award-winning PhD student at the University of Huddersfield, has been working on this innovation, which intends to reduce energy bills as well.  Not only will it distribute energy to neighbouring properties, the system will also make it easier for households to observe and to manage the efficiency of their solar panels.  Other experts at the university’s School of Computing and Engineering have been overseeing the research, which utilizes a photovoltaic system installed at the university. Currently, around 1.5…continue reading →

Recent Developments in UK’s Building Insulation Market

Modest growth has been observed in the building insulations market in 2016 after a drop in market scope in 2015.  According to AMA Research, the UK government’s cancellation of the Green Deal and added support for the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) largely influenced the boost. ECO is an energy efficiency scheme in Great Britain established to help carbon emission reduction and deal with problems on fuel shortage. In 2012, the market went through rough times with the expiration of helpful initiatives, the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) and the Community Energy Saving Programme…continue reading →

Forecasts in the UK Washing Machine Markets

Technology to ease the laborious process of laundry has evolved from the late 18th century to the present times.  Manufacturing new models of washing machines has dramatically increased and made laundry technology more affordable and far-reaching to all walks of life. In Europe, the early electric washers became popular only after the 2nd World War as economic recovery took more than a decade.  Consumers preferred the single and twin-tub wringer washers since the fully automated model cost much then.  Automatic washers of front-load designs became dominant in the UK during the 1970’s.  Further…continue reading →

Key Issues in the Charity Sector

Over 190, 000 UK charities employ nearly a million people and raise funds of around £10 billion annually. The charity sector includes non-governmental organizations, small and medium enterprises, and big aid organizations. Thousands of these institutions focus on poverty alleviation, children’s welfare, cancer cure, animal rights, and battling alcoholism. Some of the current issues affecting the charity sector include significant decrease in giving brought about by the recent economic recession.  This prompted increased activity in fundraising.  According to a publication entitled the Great Charity Scandal, UK charities employ more than a million staff,…continue reading →