Ring The Curtain Up for Britain’s Window Coverings Market

Market growth in UK’s domestic window coverings remains positive during the past three years across all product sectors: blinds, curtains, shutters, and curtain tracks and suspension system.  An average of 4% annual growth was brought about by factors such as increased spending on home improvements and consumer confidence.  Competition, however, is getting tougher with products and services being offered through various channels. Blinds dominate the overall window furnishings market and surpassed the curtains sector. Sales back then in 2001 to 2006 have peaked with trends in minimalist home designs. Blinds occupy less space…continue reading →

What’s in store for Pensioners with the Bank of England’s Rate Hike?

For the first time in a decade, the Bank of England has increased interest rates. The bank announcement of the hike from 0.25 per cent to 0.5 per cent was made on 2nd November.  Savers are apparently one of those who would benefit from the hike with anticipated slight growth in their returns.  Pensioners will as well see a modest boost in interest income, unless however they decide on pension transfers.  To have a significant effect on pensions though, future unlimited increases will have to be imposed. Leading financial consultancy, Hymans Robertson, states…continue reading →

Recent Market Statistics in UK’s Subscription TV Services

  1. The average television viewing time for traditional TV and smart TV owners in the UK is 3 hours and 40 minutes a day on weekdays and nearly 5 hours a day during weekends. Market survey shows around 28 percent of UK households owning smart TV sets in 2016.  2. Most UK television viewers seem to have the best access to advanced technology among European viewers according to the Office of the Commissioner (OfCom). Viewers catch up on their favourite shows using various TV gadgets. In December 2015, free-to-air catch-up services was said to…continue reading →

Latest Innovation Facilitates Solar Energy Sharing Among UK Neighbourhoods

Recent development in solar technology enables small communities to share generated energy.  Mahmoud Dhimish, an award-winning PhD student at the University of Huddersfield, has been working on this innovation, which intends to reduce energy bills as well.  Not only will it distribute energy to neighbouring properties, the system will also make it easier for households to observe and to manage the efficiency of their solar panels.  Other experts at the university’s School of Computing and Engineering have been overseeing the research, which utilizes a photovoltaic system installed at the university. Currently, around 1.5…continue reading →

Key Trends in the UK’s Housing and Mortgage Lending Market

Growth in the housing sector has been an indicator of economic stability.  Owning a property not only unloads households of worries settling the monthly rent but also enables them to acquire wealth as property values increase.  However, with the 3% house price increase this year, there are not many dealings in the UK housing market recently.  Moreover, rise in interest rates does not build up the Brits consumer confidence.  Gradual rate increases on mortgage repayments is feared to diminish purchasing power in a couple of years.  The Brexit vote may affect growth as…continue reading →

How to Find the People Who Could Influence One’s Market

As competition has become tougher among industries, various strategies to capture the target market has emerged.  Collaborating with people who have influence on prospective customers is one of the avenues utilized to gain new business. Unknowingly, business executives get to encounter influencers as corporate activities take place every day and at different places.  Focus on influencers who are in related industries. They may have connections interested in what one’s company is promoting. Business networks widen, and executives get to establish new relationships along the road.  From there, they get to spot and explore…continue reading →

Raise Your Glasses for October’s Outstanding Associates

Resilient and highly composed – these are the types of support staff indispensable for administration of business organizations. Datablazers Inc. is fortunate to have molded administrative professionals like Janella Gabina and Princess Gabitanan, who are compliant to continuous learning and adaptable to constant changes in the company’s operations. Both have been recognized recently as October’s Employee of the Month for dedication to duties and responsibilities. The two started out as apprentices in 2016 and have decided to pursue their careers with DBI after graduating college. They have handled administrative tasks ranging from managing…continue reading →

TQVS Loves Metro Bacolod

Indeed, Telequest Voice Services is a thriving contact centre that endeavors to provide sustainable employment for the people in Metro Bacolod and nearby towns. The company is now expanding its services and is continuously hiring and molding professionals in the area. TQVS has been actively promoting Bacolod’s City’s strategic features, which contribute to national and global development. On certain occasions, we conduct promotional activities that encourage participation of the locals in the area. In September, TQVS ran a contest for Bacolod residents, on its Facebook page. Entrants, who simply liked and shared posts…continue reading →

Telequest Voice Services Goes Beyond UK Bounds

DBI’s contact center now runs campaigns for clients in the USA, Canada and Australia.  Yes, TQVS is ready to run bespoke services for clients outside the United Kingdom.  Acting Call Center Director, Mark Bergman, affirms this and says that TQVS is an international company capable of serving any time zone. In fact, one of the new clients is based in Houston, Texas. “TQVS provides business process outsourcing in the medical field to our newest client. The most prevalent is lead generation but we have experience in customer support, technical support and providing virtual…continue reading →