Dutiful Joby Sparkles in September

DBI’s Databank Specialist, Jobelyn Salmorin, is DBI’s Employee of the Month for September. Joby is one of DBI’s talents who’ve pledged loyalty to the company through thick and thin. She has proved perseverance and sincerity in performing her duties wherever she is deployed. Before her recent assignment to the Databank group, Joby has been collectivized in the Production Team and in the Source Partners squad. Despite the transition phases and challenges she had to face, Joby welcomed reassignment whenever needed with optimism. Joby says learning new work processes (such as that for Databank)…continue reading →

Reduce Your Sitting Hours to Avoid Walking Disability

Did you know that sitting for more than three hours everyday contributes to mobility impairment in old age? Many people are aware of how today’s lifestyle can impair mobility during middle to old age.  However, only a few are mindful of doing some intervention to prevent the harmful effects of prolonged sitting on mobility.  Disengaging deskbound routines even for just a few minutes within the day is very important for bodily functions to take place properly. From sunrise to sundown, we spend a great deal of time in seated positions – traveling to…continue reading →

Identify Market Opportunities Better with TQVS

In the age of Omni-channel marketing, generation and acquisition of reliable consumer information is fundamental for brands to persist in the competition. Businesses who have access to the latest marketing research are more certain about directing the success of their campaigns. Organizations rely on data suppliers for responsive consumer contact information and on marketing studies for updates on trends and factors affecting the market. Telequest Voice Services is DBI’s contact centre directly engaged in gathering responsive and accurate UK consumer data. We conduct marketing questionnaires so clients can contact their target niche or…continue reading →

The Importance of Checking Credit Reports and Scores

UK consumers have free and easier access to their credit reports online since the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, financial organizations, and political parties established an agreement in 2010.  Monitoring credit reports often decreases consumer vulnerability to ID fraud, incorrect data, and other credit rip-offs. This as well helps consumers handle financial obligations dutifully as information stored in a person’s credit history may affect creditworthiness. Some credit reference agencies (CRAs) like Experian offer service-free credit information for consumers Indicators of Good Credit Standing Financial groups (lenders and brokers) have different scoring systems…continue reading →

New Invention Makes Printable Solar Cells More Affordable

A recent innovation in solar technology can lead to large-scale and inexpensive printing of solar cells. Scientists at the University of Toronto Engineering were able to develop an alternative type of solar device called perovskite solar cells. Unlike the current commercial solar cells that undergo energy-intensive and costly processes, this new type developed by Dr. Hairen Tan and colleagues, uses materials and techniques to produce solar cells at very low cost. In the past, there were some challenges that restrained further development of perovskite solar technology. However, Tan and his team were able…continue reading →

How The UK Magazine Industry Keeps Up With Digital Platforms

UK’s magazine readership has not come to an end; it just underwent changes. Millions are still reading magazines, particularly the women’s publications and TV listings. These versions however are not those being accessed through newsstands but rather via digital distribution. Lifestyle and celebrity titles are the sectors with the steepest decline in subscription. Marketing strategies during the past five years were not successful enough to help publishers recover from decline in sales. Did magazine subscribers lose interest in these publications or did magazine journalism fail to adapt to with the new merchant of…continue reading →

Hurray for Handyman Allan!

Another hardworking associate gets recognized for devoting his skills and ample time to ensure that DBI’s networks and computer systems at the company headquarters are operating correctly. Allan Albaracin, DBI’s Systems and Network Administrator, does not mind spending extra hours at work as long as he sees to it that the organization’s computer systems are secured and working.  He is set to put together DBI’s Data Centre in Alabang as well. Besides sincerity, he has also proved reliability even when the Directors are not around. In August, Allan was able to set up…continue reading →

Factors Affecting the Home Improvement Sector in the UK

Today’s busy lifestyle has led to an increase in the number of contracting home improvement projects, as more consumers may not have the do-it-yourself (DIY) skills or the time to refurbish their homes. According to the National House Building Council (NHBC), UK consumers tend to choose designs and quality over product brands. Therefore, businesses that offer a variety of products can profit with this trend. Big companies have in fact encountered difficulty getting high shares in the competition. In 2016, increase in do-it-for-me (DIFM) consumers, homeowners lacking DIY skills, and people with disposable…continue reading →

On Customer Experience Balance

Being distant from customers means disconnection from their purpose of doing business with a company.  Over the years, businesses have been investing in solutions to improve consumer relations.  Many have incorporated the use of high technology to deliver digital solutions that aims to accommodate more customer feedback and inquiries.  However, consumers demand for interactive personable service – they want to speak with real people who could answer queries or provide solutions on products or services they avail.  Customers also expect fast and consistent correspondence in interacting with one’s company. Customer base retention is…continue reading →

Trends in Newspaper Readership in the Digital Age

Surprisingly, results of a new study on British papers show that readers devote more time to newsprint compared to digital versions.  Market performance was based on the time consumers spent on reading news on various channels.  Despite the notion of reduced consumption on print editions with the emergence of online and mobile versions, the study has proved that of the total amount spent on newspapers, 89% is being consumed on print. The author of the new study, Neil Thurman a professor at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich based his analysis on information gathered by…continue reading →