Anawim Lay Missions Foundation Inc. recently presented Datablazers Inc. a Certificate of Recognition for the generous support provided to uphold the cause of the abandoned and neglected Filipino elderly.  Anawim received the highest votes from DBI clients’ chosen charity for the 2018 DBI Give Back Promo. Every year-end of the last four years, DBI has organised activities dedicated to worthy causes. This is in part of our commitment to uphold corporate social responsibility and a chance for us to spread kindness by sharing our humble gifts.

DBI is honoured to help charitable institutions like Anawim Lay Missions that volunteer resources and services to uplift the conditions of marginalised sectors in society. Anawim is a small facility that opened its doors to the poor and abandoned elderly in 1996 and aims to expand ten more shelters in different parts of the country by 2020 to serve other impoverished and orphaned people. DBI will continue to support this pursuit of providing safe havens for the less fortunate.

Charity giving for small to medium-sized enterprises like DBI creates helpful relationships with the community. As a thriving data company, we have been supporting various charitable causes from foster home donations to coastal clean-up campaigns over the last four years. Management and staff will continue to nurture this culture of spreading kindness to the community in the future.

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