DBI’s Databank Specialist, Jobelyn Salmorin, is DBI’s Employee of the Month for September. Joby is one of DBI’s talents who’ve pledged loyalty to the company through thick and thin. She has proved perseverance and sincerity in performing her duties wherever she is deployed. Before her recent assignment to the Databank group, Joby has been collectivized in the Production Team and in the Source Partners squad. Despite the transition phases and challenges she had to face, Joby welcomed reassignment whenever needed with optimism.

Joby says learning new work processes (such as that for Databank) isn’t easy, as while knowing how things are to be done, she has to coach, train, and motivate her newly-formed team as well. “I bank on what I’ve learned from the Production team and constantly coordinate with Client Services to have a better idea of how to accomplish our tasks effectively. Client needs and feedback help us improve performance.”

Joby admits that at first, she felt compelled to learn fast in order to keep up with time pressure and client demands. Being part of the Databank group entails accuracy, keenness, and being observant to instructions to keep up with client requests. In spite of these and more challenges to come, Joby remains spirited and perseverant.

Carry on Joby and Congratulations!

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