Another hardworking associate gets recognized for devoting his skills and ample time to ensure that DBI’s networks and computer systems at the company headquarters are operating correctly. Allan Albaracin, DBI’s Systems and Network Administrator, does not mind spending extra hours at work as long as he sees to it that the organization’s computer systems are secured and working.  He is set to put together DBI’s Data Centre in Alabang as well.

Besides sincerity, he has also proved reliability even when the Directors are not around. In August, Allan was able to set up DBI’s server room while carrying on with his usual tasks and addressing onsite and offsite concerns. He says that sometimes the bosses will not be present, but there shouldn’t be any downtime on the systems and networks because these are indispensible to DBI’s work processes.  As he has to ensure that workstations are working efficiently as well, his assistance is often requested – from addressing minor technical issues to troubleshooting bigger concerns.  Once in a while, he would train some employees or departments on the proper use of hardware and software.

Allan emphasizes the importance of continuous learning in carrying on with his duties in computer systems administration.  He adds that this is needed to maintain and to improve system standards.   Allan may get peeved sometimes when petty IT issues aren’t resolved.  Nonetheless, he is still DBI’s Go-To Guy, who is also fond of sharing his packed lunch with coworkers.

Congratulations Allan— DBI’s Best Employee for August 2017!

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