UK Landline List Rental


Over the years, Datablazers has worked its way to be the fasted growing provider of fresh consumer data for marketing campaigns. We have over 2.9 million unique UK landline records in our opted-in database available for rental. DBI conducts at least 75K lifestyle questionnaires every month, to provide our clients reliable, cost-effective, highly responsive prospect lists. Data procurement takes place 24 hours, five days a week; so, clients are guaranteed freshly generated consumer profiles.

When conducting marketing questionnaires, Datablazers Inc. (DBI) obtains extensive information from our respondents. This produces a lot of reliable consumer data that is sorted according to the demographics cited in profiling prospects. Our telephone leads guide businesses in –locating strategic areas for prospects, identifying the ideal gender/age logic for their service or product, and comprehending the consumers’ lifestyle on spending and buying and so forth. We track and collect specific consumer information to give you the most suited prospects for your successful campaigns.


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We Offer

  • Over 4 million opted-in consumer records generated by marketing questionnaires.
  • High-quality and responsive lead list rental.
  • Consumer records covering a variety of verticals.

If you are looking to grow your business by marketing to UK landlines, our UK landline list rental service can be tailored to meet your needs. Our UK landline list rental is an excellent option as it allows you to be up and running fast. With our commitment to data quality and customer service, you can be sure that our data will work for your business.

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UK Mobile List Rental

UK Mobile List Rental

Getting in touch with consumers via text message or mobile phone calls is an efficient media to drive traffic to your website and to boost sales. DBI conducts approximately 4K marketing questionnaires via mobile phone each month.

With DBI’s UK mobile list rental service, telemarketing can be done with accurate and up-to-date mobile numbers. We have created a huge database of relevant, freshly generated mobile numbers. We can stand by the quality of these lead list as they have been sourced at our own call centres.

Mobile phone marketing represents a huge opportunity for businesses to create awareness of their products and services. Mobile marketing often creates instant response as the consumer is often available and ready to engage with your offer.

We can tailor our mobile list rental to the needs of your business. Both in terms of the verticals you wish to access as well as the volume of your campaign. We can cater to all business needs.

To take your business to the next stage, get in touch with us to find out how our mobile list rental can work for your business.