System and Network Administrator

As the Systems and Network Administrator, I have to make sure that all servers, equipment and networks used in the head office’s operations are in secured and good condition.  Being an IT specialist in the workplace does not mean that I am the all-knowing guy around when it comes to troubleshooting the technical problems.  There are times when I would find myself unable to analyse what the problem is. So, I just keep my cool and ask who else, but Google.

Time off from work is usually spent on a variety of activities. Quality hours with family is given the highest priority.  At the same time, I enjoy connecting with peers during our life group meetings.  Joining such weekly gatherings somehow contribute to improved relations with community, co-workers, and with other people.   Physical workout is a must in my health regimen.  Thus, I exercise regularly too.

Hard work bear the fruits of success, so I am the type of worker who does his work productively and enthusiastically.  With this attitude, I can achieve more without feeling occupational burnout.  “Work hard; eat harder”, I would tell myself.

My family is the centre of my life goals.  Securing a comfortable home for my wife and daughter is one my current pursuits.   Exploring other places in the world someday would be more memorable with family as well.  But before we could do so, I wish to accomplish much during my prime work years in order to have financial stability in the future.

Enjoy life; it’s delicious.