Senior Business Development Consultant

Management of plans for sustained growth and stability is one of the key responsibilities in running the business.  Chris Thalha, DBI’s Business Development Manager, specializes in this role, which involves helping top management in consolidating the current client base, prospecting for new ones, and identifying new opportunities for DBI as well.

Prior to joining DBI, Chris was a Senior Business Development Manager at a Consumer Data Marketing Specialist selling B2C solutions in a B2B environment. The role included account management and prospecting of marketing campaigns ranging from large corporate clients through to SME’s in order to help them develop new acquisition channels and/or manage their outbound sales activities and recommend the most efficient methods of working data to provide the most profitable routes to market.

Chris has an extensive background in Financial Services as well. His experience, which spans over two decades, has equipped him with the makings of a leader who can guide the business to stability in the face of global recession and new regulations.  Chris previous roles as Head of Contact Centre and as Marketing Director at a national mortgage, insurance broker in Leicester enabled companies to achieve breakthroughs in the financial industry. Chris has a diplomatic approach to working with colleagues while running large businesses. By having a level of seniority of experience, he has usually encountered the subjects being discussed and in most cases been able to offer sound advice through fair reasoning and understanding the outcome result options.

Chris’ core skills include Sales Management, Financial Services marketing, Contact Centre Management, Business Development and Account Management. He has the ability to converse with senior decision makers and business owners to identify opportunities that they may not have thought of themselves in regards to cost efficiencies, new channels of acquisition and providing additional revenue streams within their current sales processes. Strengths include an analytical approach with a good in-depth knowledge of business planning and forecasting.

For the next 12 months, the BDM envisions growing clientele from various sectors to provide business with a broad range of agent skills in order for DBI to be in a position to deliver solutions to almost any business sector. To achieve this, the company has to work on expanding its workforce to accommodate all these additional clients. This will be the big challenge for 2018.  Senior management is optimistic, as DBI has been establishing this path in recent months and making sure that new regulation on the data industry has been dealt with accordingly.

“In today’s industry, being ahead in the competition is not only about terms in pricing options but also delivering the best results possible and becoming a supplier of choice by having an ability to become partners with clients and sharing in each others successes. Adaptability is important and being able to make changes at short notice with minimal interruption shows clients that we are confident at being able to fulfil their requests over and above their own expectations.”