MIS Associate

As an MIS Associate at DBI, I prepare data, check against suppression file and restrictions before the delivery to respective clients.  The job is quite challenging, especially for someone new at the Production Team.   As the award-winning American writer, Rita Mae Brown, wrote, “A deadline is a negative inspiration. Still, it’s better than no inspiration at all.” Datablazers Inc. is the first company that I’ve involved in after I graduated from college. I am not comfortable with my first week as an employee because I know that school life and business world would be different. But as days passed, I was able to adapt to the corporate sphere and with my co-employees. The management gives chances to their new employees for them to have hands-on experience on how the industry works.  So far, I have already learned much and continue to do so.  What motivates me further is the contagious atmosphere wherein my coworkers show dedication in their respective tasks.  In addition, nearly everyone at the office has a sense of humor that relieves us from stress.

If I’m not at work, I do programming, playing computer games or spend time with my family. My main hobby is programming. Every time I succeed at writing codes, I feel satisfied. This enhances my analytical skills as well.  Freelance programming also helps me generate income.  One of the systems that I’ve created is Clinic System. The main advantage of this system is to have the capability of using GSM as a notification. This system automatically sends messages to remind the patient for the schedule of their follow-up check to the client’s clinic.

My life mantra is a famous adage by Albert Einstein, “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance; you must keep on moving”.  Before graduating my degree in computer engineering, I have been faced with many obstacles like creating projects with a minimum amount of time to accomplish and examinations that tested my analytical skills. So, there were times when I was down and hesitant of continuing my course.

I would like to share three of the things I want to do or experience before I die – one is skydiving, another is experiencing snowfall, and last is building my dream house.  I don’t have acrophobia. I have already experienced bungee jumping at Subic and honestly, I enjoyed a lot.  I’d like to see snow probably because the Philippines has a tropical climate. Building my dream house based on my own structural design would be great. Honestly, I may not be that good at designing, but to imagine living in a house that you have planned and worked hard for gives satisfaction.