blinds, UK, Britain, market, windowsMarket growth in UK’s domestic window coverings remains positive during the past three years across all product sectors: blinds, curtains, shutters, and curtain tracks and suspension system.  An average of 4% annual growth was brought about by factors such as increased spending on home improvements and consumer confidence.  Competition, however, is getting tougher with products and services being offered through various channels.

Blinds dominate the overall window furnishings market and surpassed the curtains sector. Sales back then in 2001 to 2006 have peaked with trends in minimalist home designs. Blinds occupy less space compared to large curtains.  The demand for blinds coincides with the installation of conservatories and glass extensions in today’s homes.  Increased expenditure on interior design has boosted production and sales of customized and automated blinds.

Shutters gained popularity in many countries and more UK consumers have considered this as an alternative to traditional window furnishings.  Manufacture of shutters does not require advanced equipment and is quite economical.  These window coverings are also energy efficient, as the shutters facilitate ventilation and heat in the building.  Indoor allergens from mold, dust and mite can be lessened with the use of these non-fabric coverings, which are easy to clean and maintain.

Producers of window coverings and accessories that aid in energy conservation should explore more ways on how to boost consumer awareness on these products for them to comprehend their options in installing this type of window covering.  Increased understanding would help improve sales in certain types of blinds, shutters and curtains.

The curtain sector remains second in performance compared to blinds and shutters. Sales in readymade curtains contributed most to the market share followed by made-to-order draperies and other curtain types.  Innovation in the curtain industry and production of types that cater to the current lifestyle could help the sector compete in the window furnishings market.

With the market conditions that sustain the positive trends in the home improvement, a continual growth of 4% is forecast in the window coverings industry.  Consumer preference will affect the type of growth and product to be promoted.  Suppliers have to explore different avenues to boost sales with increased online marketing and stiffer competition.

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