why choose datablazers inc.?


About the Company

Sales competition is inevitable, and it entails accuracy and newness in leads. Datablazers Inc. (DBI) offers lead generation solutions that match the tools utilized by top-ranking consumer data suppliers. A pool of well-trained professionals with nearly two decades of experience in related industries enables us to provide outstanding management of the data services industry. This assures continuous production of efficient and cost-effective products that drives sales growth. With specialists in Data Management, Business Outsourcing, and Innovative Solutions, DBI can provide leads services that suit our clients’ needs.

DBI’s head office is situated in one of the main financial districts of the National Capital Region in the Philippines. The country has become the world’s 2nd BPO capital after a decade’s boom in the outsourcing industries. Lead generation services is as well one of the rising BPO in the Philippines. Data suppliers from developed countries prefer establishing headquarters here because of its strategic location for direct and indirect investments.


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Moreover, the Filipino workforce is known for competence and know-how in information technology, proficiency in the English language, multitasking and job flexibility for various business opportunities. DBI empowers its employees and fosters growth among them as the company thrives.

Since DBI’s foundation in January 2014, the company has grown successfully. In fact, DBI delivers to over 80 brands each day.

Quality Lead Generation

Quality assurance processes are strictly observed from the company’s headquarters to the call centres in order to provide large volumes of reliable UK databases. Information generated must pass our 100% quality control prerequisites and restrictions. Records are checked on a weekly basis to make sure that data production is always fresh and updated.

Datablazers’ Corporate Mission

It is DBI’s mission to be our client’s trusted data and call centre partner. We do this by providing our clients the highest quality data and by delivering outstanding levels of customer service. We work in partnership with our clients to understand requirements so that we can deliver the best data solutions.

We believe in the happiness of all our employees. We are an equal opportunities employer fostering the personal growth of our employees.

We recognise that the data landscape is constantly evolving which is why we invest in innovation to ensure our services are at the cutting-edge of the data industry.

Client Testimonials

Clients have commended Datablazers Inc. for the effectiveness of generating sales leads through marketing questionnaires. According to some of our client testimonials, DBI’s outperforming other data suppliers was noticeable as well as the client’s increase in sales in just a few weeks. DBI has been given feedback about the call centre productivity in relation to the data that DBI supplied. DBI is not just any other telemarketing company because we focus on our clients’ specific needs. We make sure that clients gain and maintain customers and thus, boost sales.

Client Testimonial

“I’ve always appreciated good customer care, but Joanne and her Client services team are always there to help, we love being send re-orders before our current order finishes this mean our questions don’t come of the marketing questionnaire and the supply of quality leads to our clients continues.”

Managing Director of a large London based agency


Client Testimonial

“We have always worked with agencies but now we have this direct relationship with DBI they are great to work with always looking to help with suggestions in changing our question set to give higher conversions, they are also willing to split test so we can always see results before major changes are made.”

Call Centre Manager of a direct client within the Mobility industry


Client Testimonial

“Simply they deliver quality leads that convert for our clients, they have real attention to detail on all the campaigns we run with DBI, I would recommend DBI to anyone and now their list rental data base is over 2 million consumers it gives us and our clients many verticals to choose from.”

Marketing Head of a multi office Media Agency

Compliance with Global Standards

Datablazers Inc. conforms to ISO 9001 quality standards and operates in accordance with the Data Protection Act. With this, clients and prospective partners are assured that our services are of global standards and quality. Managing our own call centres enables us to provide responsive, sharp and high-grade campaigns. Clients can avail of quality and cost-effective services. To date, this growing business has conducted more than 1.8 million marketing questionnaires all over UK over the past two years.

Cost-Effective Quality Service

These days, businesses and organisations are finding out more ways on how to economise and yet, avail of the best services to increase their own growth and to remain competitive. Looking for a dependable leads and data supplier takes time, spending, and even risk. At DBI, we assure our clients excellent return on investments and positive client experience. With the management’s knowledge and experience in the lead generation industry, our campaigns are operated to obtain favourable results.

Excellent Customer Service

Our dynamic, friendly, and innovative workforce prioritize customer service and maintains interactive correspondence with our clients. DBI representatives can be reached through phone calls, email, and Skype during UK office hours. We see to it that they coordinate effectively with our clients to understand particular requests and to come up with suited solutions. Our representatives are properly trained to strategise our customer’s individual campaigns.

Reliable Partnership

Other than DBI’s business growth in the Philippines, the corporation managed to thrive with partners in India, South America and the Caribbean. These firms could sustain and provide large volumes of reliable leads and data.

Our Clients

Currently, DBI provides multiple services and solutions to over eighty companies located in the United Kingdom, in Australia, and in the Unites States of America. Several of which such as Samsung, AXA PPP Healthcare, and UNICEF, are some of the leading manufacturers, services, and organisations worldwide. Our reliability is another reason why businesses should consider DBI as their data services and call centre partner.

Datablazers Inc. is opening doors to grow your business. Choose a reliable data provider that offers cost-effective yet quality packages. Boost sales, increase productivity, choose DBI as your best business partner.